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Divco – Lisa’s Dolcella Gelato

The Divco has been one of the more unique restoration jobs that we have done here at Radical Rods Rides & Restoration.  The Divco was brought to us by a lady named Lisa who had been searching for a vintage truck for a full year before she found her 1965 Divco at an auction in Florida.  Lisa’s goal was to turn her Divco into a great promotional truck that would turn heads so she could sell her tasty gelato ice cream.   Read more

68 International

68 International – Wm. “Bud” Martin Construction Inc.

We were honoured when we were approached by the family of Wm. “Bud” Martin Construction Inc. and asked to restore one of the original pick up trucks that was used by Bud Martin himself.  Martin Construction was founded by Bud in 1948 in Innisfil Ontario and they are still active today.  When Bud Martin sadly passed away, Bud’s family brought us his 68 International.  We took great pride in restoring this classic truck to its original form.  Check out the progress of this restoration from start to finish in our photo gallery: